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it's just a lyrical lie

I just wish I could sleep. I wish I would stop having this stupid nightmare that wakes me up every night. I wish I could get into bed and feel peaceful. I wish I felt safe at home. I wish I wasn't such a bitch to my family. I wish I was closer to my brother. I wish I was thin. I wish my skin was good. I wish that one day I won't need to wish because life will be better. I pray that day is coming soon. 
Wow! Never thought I'd be Soup-ing from a blackberry! Anyway, this is basically a rant on how fucking shit my life is. Not even gonna go down the family route. My dad hates me. He wants me to die. So the feeling is mutual. My mom is a mess. And my brother has turned out to be a little shit! I am fatter than ever. H U G E. Ugh I hate myself for it. Not even gonna bother saying I'm gonna change and all that crap cause I'm not. I'm broke, so is my whole family. We're really struggling. Need a job. Ugh so tired. Anyway that's a quick moan, I'm gonna go cry to Bon Iver and be fat. Peace out bitchez. 
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For my daughter :)
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