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of all the people, i hoped it'd be you.

wow that hurt. my mom just told me i was fat. i mean, i know i am. but that HURT. like seriously cut me deep. i know i need to do something about it. but i can't, like i can't stop eating the wrong things. it's the only thing that makes me happy these days. i hate myself. i hate everyone, i sound so sad. but honestly, i don't want to do anything. i don't want to see anyone. i'm embarrassed and paranoid that everyone is going omg paige has got fat. cause i have. i need to change.. but i don't know what to do! ugh. this is the worst feeling ever. literally. i am HUGE. i remember when i thought i was fat, but i wasn't. that was me being a silly girl. but now i am, and i'm crying about it. literally crying writing. but it's my own fault. so why the hell should i be feeling sorry for myself. it's no-one elses fault. no-one has forced me to eat all this utter CRAP i'm putting in my body. i could say all the stuff like 'this is the end i'm gonna change' but that would be a lie, cause i'm gonna wake up tomorrow and still be huge, and still be eating LOADS and still hating myself. UGH. 
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reading the 'little things' on tumblr make me cry.

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'are ya sure?'
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Nie lubię się pakować, bo wtedy muszę decydować co ze sobą zabrać a co nie. Nie lubię decydować ani zostawiać. Nie umiem.
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